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Passion (40km)
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35 km

1500 m 1450 m

2207 m 1713 m

After an early start at 7:30, atmosphere, atmosphere ... and a quiet start but uphill path for heat is on the Nordic ski area of ​​Font-Romeu Calm you make a first third course between 1900 and 2200 meters. Already you have the feeling that the mountain is yours, she sees you everywhere, you're good, you're free !!!
Then you basulez to Bouillouses but before joining we offer a small hook 4 kms from the "valley cows" where you can not find it, do not worry, but where you will discover a snowy terrain, more powdery rugged but certainly give you the opportunity to test your form. The register is different but the fun remains there ... tired too but it is characteristic of long efforts, everything is better especially as you start a long descent through the dam Bouillouses and snowy road to find yourself at 1600 meters altitude, in the supply of Pla Aveillans.
Now is the time to lift (600) through the Esquits, pond Pradeilles... it's hard but it's good! And whose perspective on high, you turn the Carlit and Pérics watching you; facing you Cambre d'Aze, the Puigmal and why not the Canigou if time allows, but hey you're spoiled. You can go back, gourmet Sunday and its Catalan Tartiflette awaits you, you deserve it!